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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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126                     THE FATE OF MAN


The economic and political situations of the
world are terrible, even unbearable, but this is
true above all of its spiritual situation. The
very existence of spiritual life is in terrible danger,
the very possibility of its existence is threatened.
We live in an insane world. We have failed to
perceive that man has become insane. Because
of his thirst for life, his love of this world, man
has lost his spiritual and mental balance. The
world is again in the grip of the polydemonism
from which Christianity once rescued it. De-
Christianization led to dehumanization, and this
to insanity, since the very image of man is
darkened, Man has been laid open to every
sort of demoniac possession, of demonism ; he
has become the prey of demonic, cosmic and
social forces. And man has thought his liberty
consisted in complete submission to just these
demonic forces.

Modern dehumanization puts man under the
sign of demoniac possession and loss of balance*
Our time is distinguished by the fact that this
demoniac possession is organized. When the
spirit ceases to control man's mental and corporeal
being, he loses his inner integrity and balance.
Cosmic and social forces rush in and organize
their possession by means of suggestion; as a